• Our photographers are courageous, curious, passionate and persistent. You'll find these qualities in Peter and Beverly Pickford. With their artistic and eloquent vision the Pickfords take us on a special journey, a journey made with love.

    Chris Johns, Editor National Geographic
  • The Pickfords represent the Authentic Voice of Africa

    President Thabo Mbeki, South Africa
  • The Pickfords are perhaps the most innovative photographic team working in Africa

    Peter Borchert, Editor Africa Geographic
  • Peter and Beverly Pickford are dedicated and inspirational Africans

    General S.K.I. Khama, President of Botswana
  • Peter Pickford is not simply an ordinary photographer

    Dr Ian Player D.M.S, Founder of Wilderness Leadership School


by peter & beverly pickford

Four years. Seven continents.

Wild Land is an unprecedented quest to document and preserve our planet’s last remaining wilderness.

A grand volume of 400 pages, with more than 200 striking images, acclaimed photographers Peter and Beverly Pickford have created an epic, unparalleled portrait of some of the earth’s most untouched places.

This is a wildlife book like no other, its images aching with what words struggle to describe.


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