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Signed copies of the Wild Land Book & To the Edges of The Earth Book

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Four years. Seven continents.

Wild Land is an unprecedented quest to document and preserve our planet’s last remaining wilderness.

A grand volume of 400 pages, with more than 200 striking images, acclaimed photographers Peter and Beverly Pickford have created an epic, unparalleled portrait of some of the earth’s most untouched places.

This is a wildlife book like no other, its images aching with what words struggle to describe.


Four years. Seven continents.

VETERAN WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER Peter Pickford and his wife Beverly had a dream to photograph the last remaining wild land on earth. ‘We had become increasingly distressed by two ideas. The first was a sense of panic as to how rapidly wild places and the life that thrived there was diminishing. The second was that we felt compelled to act, to do something about it. I was haunted by the words of Gandhi: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.’

To the Edges of the Earth recounts the story of their four and a half years of overland travel, across every continent on earth, in their specially adapted Land Rover. Their journey took them not only through the earth’s last wild landscapes, but deeper into the heart of the adventure that is travel: the places, the people, the excitement, the serenity, the hardship and the joy that stepping outside into the unknown makes so immediate to our attention.

Join them on their journey through the storms of Antarctica, the quiet brooding of ancient Patagonian forest, and discover the vast vistas and wild denizens of Alaska and the Yukon. Feel the potent scrutiny of a polar bear in the Arctic, suffer the lack of oxygen of the Tibetan Plateau, the loneliness of the deserted Australian Kimberley, and sleep beside lions in the chill dawn of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast to culminate ultimately, as all journeys should, in a potent evocation of who we are and our subconscious association and bond with the planet that is our home.